The open source alcohol simulator for mobile phones

Calcohol is a real-time open source alcohol absorption and metabolism simulator for S60 3rd edition mobile phones. Can plot BAC graphs, predefined drinks, sobering-up time estimation and much more!
At the moment Calcohol is in early alpha, the installation might fail, the program might crash etc. if this happens, please post on the forums at sourceforge so the problems can be fixed.
Or, if you know how, fix some bugs and send a patch!


How to get it

You can download Calcohol from it's project page at
But before you do that, you need to install some dependencies.
For a detailed description about the dependencies, go to the installation page.

Calcohol is VERY sensitive about which version of the dependencies you are using. Please always use the dependencies from the source .tar.gz if unsure.
The installer/Calcohol should warn you in case you don't have these dependencies installed. However it won't tell you exactly which versions it wants.


Screenshot of the BAC Graph Screenshot of the main screen Screenshot of some symptoms listed

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