The open source alcohol simulator for mobile phones

Getting started (prior to 0.4.0)

To quickly get started with calcohol, you should download Python for S60 if you don't have it. If you don't know what it is, you probably don't have it.
Download the .sis that corresponds to your phone and install it. If you don't have P.I.P.S, install it too.

Getting started (0.4.0 onwards)

As of 0.4.0, Calcohol needs only one dependency, Python_1.9.5.sis. Available at Maemo garage. Just install it and you should be good to go.

Installing Calcohol

Having installed the dependencies, you are now ready to install Calcohol. Head to the file releases page at Calcohol's page, and download the newst Calcohol.sis
If all went well, after installing Calcohol.sis on your phone, you should see Calcohol listed in your applications on the phone, and selecting it should execute calcohol. If you now see the main screen, try pressing the number keys (1-6), and adding a drink.


Calcohol is VERY sensitive about which version of the dependencies you are using. Please always use the dependencies from the source .tar.gz if unsure.

Basic usage

On the main screen there are 6 icons that represent the 6 default drinks. Pressing the number keys from 1-6 will select a drink. You can change screens with the left and right arrow keys of your phone.

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